Interactive and collaborative learning within schools, through which to make Grazia Deledda known and loved by young people.

The intent is to enhance the life and works of the Nobel Prize writer in schools and universities, the initiative involves the creation of a cycle of participatory workshops, organized on the basis of the different age groups of the students, in collaboration with the Institutions. schools and with the foundations that deal with training in the regional and national territory.

To carry out the activities, an educational / laboratory kit will be prepared which will be sent in advance to the participating schools and universities via email.

The activities and products created will be collected and enhanced within a dedicated portal and on social networks.

Nuoro, January 27, 2022 – “Knowing Grazia Deledda” is the title of the educational workshops that the Province of Nuoro, leader of the institutional committee of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Nobel Prize, promotes in all high schools in the area. At the start in the coming weeks, the laboratories will be 34 as follows: 2 in 15 schools and 4 in the Liceo Scientifico e Linguistico di Nuoro. Beyond the capital of Barbagia, the high schools of Jerzu, Tortolì, Sorgono, Lanusei, Macomer and Siniscola will be involved. Each workshop lasts 4 hours.

The training plan was illustrated in a meeting attended by school managers and teachers.

The workshops, conducted through the application of the creative learning methodology, offer students an engaging and practical learning experience. Through the training course we intend to reconfigure the moment of teaching and learning literature in a social context characterized by the pervasiveness of cross-media narratives, the expansion of the content industry, the change in the habits of readers, the emergence of new forms of writing and”socialization”, from the birth of new textual forms among which videogame texts (videogames) stand out, which allow to simulate, and therefore to have, experiences similar to those allowed only by literary texts.

The aim of the workshops is to rediscover and disseminate the iconic figure and works of Grazia Deledda among young students and contextualize them in order to transmit key skills to young people.

Three types of workshops that will be offered to students:

  1. Digital Literature Laboratory – aims to explore the use of digital in art, starting from the discovery of the alphabet and language by Grazia Deledda and how, if it were still present today, she would use modern technologies to experiment with new languages. At the end of the workshop, students will be able to approach new digital platforms for the interpretation and study of literary works;
  2. Creative Narration Workshop – aims to make students interact with the works of Grazia Deledda, making themselves create the story independently. Starting from a passage of a work by the Nuorese author, groups are created to which one or a series of characters is assigned. The aim is to arouse the students’ imagination and creativity by asking them to imagine the continuation of the story also thanks to the use of tools such as Google Maps which allows you to view and navigate through the places where the works actually take place. At the end of the creative storytelling workshop, students will be able to have a greater mastery of the tools and mechanisms of modern storytelling;
  3. Gamification Laboratory – aims to merge narration and coding, making sure that an innovative technology is made available to the literary heritage, thus leading to a greater connection between students and the works of Grazia Deledda, in order to develop computational thinking in boys.

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