Words of Grazia

Parole di Grazia is the Alexa application that aims to offer narrative experiences accessible from all over the world with audio content on the places and life of Grazia Deledda, taken from her works, creating a tourist and literary guide available to fans and tourists.

Brief introduction

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant that can be activated on any device with a data connection as well as on the Amazon Echo. With Alexa, it is possible to develop audio content that can be activated and navigated thanks to Amazon’s artificial intelligence, offering an intuitive way to interact with technology through natural language questions. Alexa content can be developed by third parties as for APPs.

Invitation to read

An introduction to Deledda’s main works, for those wishing to venture into the author’s literary world (eg “Talk to me about Canne al vento”).

Invitation to travel

a literary tour guide. The user will be able to ask Alexa about each of the mapped Deleddian places (eg “Take me to Mamoiada”) and listen to the descriptions of the country taken from the author’s works. This experience will be available to all users, regardless of where they are (Alexa doesn’t offer a geolocation service).

For those who do not have a specific place in mind to visit, the skill will also answer generic questions (“Where are you taking me?”), randomly choosing a place and a quote from the Deleddiana.

Grazia tells Grazia

The author’s life and personality explained in her own words, taken from her autobiographical works. (Eg “Tell me about yourself”).

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